Thursday, October 4, 2007

"Gonzales Secretly Authorized CIA Torture"..a rant after I saw the title...

I'm 45 and lived through Nixon's administration, Watergate, etc. and I can actually picture Nixon saying this.

Oliver Willis: Direct from hell, Richard Nixon has got to be looking on with a broad grin and an "attaboy!"

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By the way,
He wasn't called "Tricky Dick" for nothing!
Gonzales is and was a weaselly little company man.
He needs to be tried for war crimes and crimes against the people of the United States of America, for killing our children in Iraq based on a lie.
So do Dick and Georgie.
I really want to see that one happen.
I wonder if anyone will ever actually do that?
You know what everyone wants to see happen but it never happens?
Remember when Clinton went though impeachment proceedings for having sex with Monica Lewinsky?
When will someone finally do something about this inane government (company) that we live in and work for?
When are we going to make Bush go through what Clinton had to go through?
Bush and Cheney have committed crimes against us and we sit back and take it!?!
They are killing our children!!!!!
Who's going to stop this governmental abuse that we allow ourselves to be inflicted upon us?
We need a leader...
Someone that is willing to start impeachment proceedings against Bush & Cheney, Co...
Who will start them?
You know impeachment proceedings?
Clinton supposedly had sex with someone and the repubs were ready to shake up the USA over it with a boring, and embarrassing set of impeachment proceedings...
Why can't we do that to Bush for so much more?

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