Sunday, November 30, 2008

Transition! The President-Elect Musical

A note to Broadway fans: Our apologies for taking liberties with the Broadway classic, "Fiddler on the Roof.")
A president in waiting...sounds crazy, no? But here in our little country of America, you might say every one of us is in waiting, looking to the future and change, hoping not to collapse into debt.
What chief of staff must manage the agenda,
Put a staff together, run interference,
And who has to serve master of the White House
Who has the final word of all?
The Rahmbo, the Rahmbo! Transition!
The Rahmbo, the Rahmbo! Transition!
Who must know the way to make a secure home,
A border safe, a FEMA work?
Who must keep the citizens from any harm
Obama's guard against emergencies.
Janet Napolitano! Transition!
Janet Napolitano! Transition!
'93, she was a first lady, and then was senator.
She missed on the presidency, got top diplomat.
Hillary Clinton! Transition!
Clinton! Clinton! Transition!
And who does press outreach, to mend and tend and spin
Delivering the message, and take it on the chin?
Robert Gibbs! Robert Gibbs! Transition!
Robert Gibbs! Robert Gibbs! Transition!

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