Sunday, November 30, 2008


Certainly, George Bush has left the Obama Administration much clean-up work to do. The notorious No Child Left Behind Act is such an example, and is currently up for renewal. I suspect this may likely be one of the first projects undertaken by the Obama Administration.

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Have you ever questioned how military recruiters get your address and phone number? As part of Bush’s plan to enhance America’s educational system through the No Child Left Behind Act, military recruiters now have unfettered access to students’ high school records.

This is ludicrious! The No Child Left Behind Act, certainly didn't help my
son with learning and behavioral labels that it's suppose to help. School choice
is useless when the school system won't pay for the transportation of your child
to the school of your choice! Now we find out that it not only fails children but it's a recruitment list?! I find it incomprehensible that Bush and Cheney are getting away with killing our children and Iraqi children! I feel they should be brought up on charges by a war crimes tribunal of countries all over the world. Let them stand by their decisions in a world court! I bet they won't be such staunch supporters of the Iraq war then!

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