Monday, April 27, 2009

MA: Next week's Town Meetings and City Council Meeting on local marijuana laws

Pertinent NORML meetings in Massachusetts on local marijuana laws.  The meetings are to stop the state from raising penalties form $100 to $300 for using marijuana. 

If you live and Massachusetts and can attend any of these meetings please do and stand up for smokers rights!

Dear NORML Supporters in MA,

Town meeting season is heating up.

Next week there are eight town meetings and one city council meeting involving local bylaws/ordinances that increase the penalties for using up to $300.

-Do you live in one of these communities?

-Do you live near these communities?

-Do you know people in these communities?

Please spread the word, it is our turn to JUST SAY NO!

Canton (Open) ATM, Monday, April 27 (Fin. Comm. informed that Article was being withdrawn p. 86 .) Concord (Open) ATM , Monday, April 27 (no motion expect )

Hingham (Open) ATM, Monday, April 27 (passage is recommended by Finance & Advisory)

Reading (Representative), ATM , Monday, April 27 (Fin. Com. no report, By-Law Com. recommends passage!)

Wareham (Open) ATM , Monday, April 27

Truro (Open) ATM , Tuesday, April 28 (Selectmen by a vote of 2 - 3 refused to recommend its passage)

Braintree City Council, April 28, Pot Patriots please attend .

Wenham (Open), Saturday, May 2 (Selectmen saved it a place )

Wilmington (Open), ATM, Saturday, May 2

There will be eighteen town meetings the week of May 3 - 10 and eight more that we know about before the end of May. City council agenda's are set with less advance notice.

Being vocal is having an effect. In the cities of Everett, Quincy and Revere it has been placed on the back burner, if not forgotten. We have identified 65 towns, who have held or are holding Town Meetings without the issue being on the warrant and as you will note above in both Canton and Concord no motion is expected.

Worcester and West Newbury REJECTED such proposals.

Auburn, Topsfield and Walpole decided NOT to put it on the ATM Warrant.

Although Plymouth's police chief mentioned it in January Plymouth selectmen the selectmen didn't discuss it at all nor did they put it on the warrants for April 4 Special and Annual Town Meetings.

Wellesley Town Meeting 4/7 NO MOTION!

Provincetown Town Meeting 4/6 Motion failed to carry!

Manchester Town Meeting 4/6 amended to place it before voters at town election and to refer it to Board of Health .

For more details visit:

Attorney Steven S. Epstein Treasurer and Database Manager 978-352-3300

Massachusetts Cannabis Reform Coalition\NORML A State Affiliate of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws

Proud Sponsor of Freedom Rally XX, Sept. 19, 2009 on the Boston Common P.O. Box 0266, Georgetown, MA 01833-0366 781-944-2266 -

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