Saturday, March 28, 2009

Tell The Senate to Treat Drugs As Health, Not Crime, Issue

By Law Enforcement Against Prohibition - Soon the U.S. Senate will hold a hearing to confirm President Obama's nominee for White House "drug czar." Since everyone - the president included - knows that addiction is a health, and not a crime problem, let's ask the Senate to move the hearing from the Judiciary Committee to the committee that handles health issues. Let's send a message!

When asked last July by Rolling Stone magazine if he would continue the "war on
drugs" or make significant changes in course, then-candidate Barack Obama said,
“I believe in shifting the paradigm, shifting the model, so that we focus more on a public-health approach.”

Right now we have an opportunity to make this well-founded position a reality by sending a strong message to the U.S. Senate, which will soon be holding a confirmation hearing for the new White House "drug czar."

Please take one minute to send the message below, asking that the hearing be held by the committee that oversees operation of our country’s health care, instead of by the Judiciary Committee, which handles crime and which has historically handled the confirmations.

Treating drug use as a criminal justice issue hasn’t deterred drug use, but it has filled our prisons and clogged our courts. We know the Obama administration agrees, at least rhetorically. Let’s ask our senators to make this needed shift a reality.

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