Saturday, March 21, 2009

Medical Marijuana Bill to be Introduced in PA Next Month

PHILADELPHIA. State Rep. Mark Cohen said Wednesday that he will introduce a bill as soon as next month to legalize medical marijuana in Pennsylvania.

Cohen said he decided to have the measure drafted after he was interviewed for a story in Wednesday's Metro about legalizing marijuana to help the city and state overcome budget problems and getting almost all positive responses on Facebook, PhillyBlog and elsewhere.

"It's easier when you have public support to get legislation through," said Cohen, who gave the bill a 50-50 shot of passing in the next few years. "I think it's something that has a good chance of being taken seriously in the Legislature."

Cohen said the bill will be modeled after the New Jersey Compassionate Medical Marijuana Act, which was passed by the New Jersey Senate last month. The state Assembly has yet to begin debating the measure, which Gov. Jon Corzine has said he would sign.

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