Tuesday, March 24, 2009

CT Moves to legalize Medical Marijuana

Connecticut Legislature Considers Medical Marijuana Reform Ask your representative to support HB 5175 and HB 6156

NORML is pleased to announce that House Bill 5175, an act to exempt qualified medical cannabis patients from state arrest and prosecution, has been referred to the Joint Committee on Judiciary. A second bill, House Bill 6156, has also been referred to the Joint Committee on Judiciary. The medical marijuana debate is a familiar one Connecticut. The Connecticut State Nurses Association has gone on record supporting patients' "safe access to therapeutic marijuana," and in 2007 the Connecticut legislature also backed the medical use of marijuana under appropriate supervision -- only to have this measure vetoed by the Governor. With your assistance, we hope to make 2009 the year Connecticut becomes the fourteenth state to legalize the medical use of cannabis.

Please take a moment today to contact your elected officials and urge them to support HB 5175 and HB 6156. You can also contact the Judiciary Committee here. For your convenience, a pre-written letter will be e-mailed to your state representative when you enter your contact information below.

Thank you for supporting NORML's marijuana law reform efforts in Connecticut.

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