Tuesday, March 3, 2009

92 Torture Tapes Illegallly Destroyed by Bush Team

New Bush Crimes Revealed: 92 Torture Tapes Destroyed
As Tens of Thousands Write Congress, NY Times asks "A Truth Commission for the Bush Era?"

Last week, we put out a call for IndictBush members to tell their Congressperson to pursue the indictment of Bush for its illegal torture campaigns. Over 30,000 letters were sent within 24 hours.
Just yesterday, we received stunning confirmation of the timeliness of our efforts. It was revealed that under Bush the CIA destroyed 92 tapes of illegal interrogation tactics -- in other words, tapes showing the Bush administration's record of torture. The CIA destroyed the tapes in response to, and in direct violation of, a Congressional investigation.
Destroying tapes is not small potatoes. For many months, former President Richard Nixon refused to turn over tapes that Congress believed showed criminal wrongdoing. When the Supreme Court finally forced Nixon to reveal the tapes, they included the "smoking gun" tape that showed Nixon's role in illegal break-ins, espionage and wiretapping. The Bush administration simply destroyed its evidence, knowing it could meet a similar fate. We can't let him get away with this.

A special Senate investigative committee is what led to Nixon's undoing, and there's already evidence that a similar truth commission could be in the works for Bush. The New York Times yesterday featured a widely-read forum entitled, "A Truth Commission for the Bush Era?" The article goes on to report the poll that 62 percent of Americans favor criminal investigation of Bush. The mass media's growing coverage of this story is proof of the nationwide clamor for accountability and justice.

Now we have to keep the pressure on. We've made great progress in just a few weeks since we launched the IndictBushNow campaign. You can help take us to the next level. 

Send a letter to Congress demanding accountability for Bush's illegal torture campaigns and subsequent cover-up.

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