Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Have A Prosecution Commission, And We'll Get The Truth Too

One of the most sappy ideas we've heard in a long time was the suggestion of a certain Democratic Senate leader last week that the worst criminals at the top of the Bush administration should be effectively granted blanket immunity in exchange for "fessing up". We can only hope Leahy's actual strategic intent was to have the proposal get shot down, as it quickly was by others, for being pretty much totally toothless. We need to make sure that message was not missed. Indeed, we need to put an exclamation point on it!
The fact is that without prosecution, the top war criminals in American political office of the future will presume that they can always get off the hook by the so-called "truth" commission route. And yet the people who are in the media calling for non-enforcement of the laws against torture and illegal wiretapping are the SAME ones who are "zero tolerance" fanatics when little people get in trouble.

If you are motivated to call on your local district attorney to prosecute George Bush and Dick Cheney for the murder of American service men and women on false pretenses, as called for by prosecutor Vince Bugliosi [and here is a YouTube video], or for other state crimes, this one click lookup form will provide their mailing address, phone, fax and email (if available).
Then if you would like one of the new "CONVICT DICK & W" caps, you can have one for a donation of any amount by submitting the request form here.

Have A Prosecution Commision, And We'll Get The Truth Too

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