Friday, January 16, 2009

What the Hell Just Happened? A Timeline of the Bush Years

You know 9/11, Iraq, and all the rest. Almost. Come on, did you remember that Google only went public in 2004?! Before we consider what's next, an abbreviated history of the last eight years of our lives.

By Tim Heffernan

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December 13: The U.S. Supreme Court stops the Florida recount, handing the presidency to George W. Bush.

The Dow closes at 10,794.


January 15: Wikipedia is founded.

June 7: The Bush tax cuts become law.

September 9: Ahmed Shah Massoud, commander of the anti-Taliban forces in Afghanistan, is assassinated.

September 11: Nearly 3,000 die in the 9/11 attacks.

September 18: The first anthrax letters are mailed.

September 20: The Office of Homeland Security is announced.

October 7: The United States invades Afghanistan.

October 26: The PATRIOT Act is signed into law.

November 25: CIA interrogator Johnny Michael Spann is killed in Afghanistan; he is the first U.S. casualty in the war on terror.

December 2: Enron files for bankruptcy.

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