Monday, January 12, 2009

What every American needs to know about Israel/Palestine

What every American needs to know about Israel/Palestine

US Interests

US Interests and Israel/Palestine - http://www.ifameric us_ints/
U.S. Middle East Policy - http://www.ifameric us_ints/policy. html
Pressure Groups on US Middle East Policy - http://www.ifameric us_ints/lobby. html
Israeli Spying on the United States - http://www.ifameric us_ints/spy. html
The USS Liberty - http://www.ifameric us_ints/ussliber ty.html
Neoconservatives - http://www.ifameric us_ints/neocons. html
War on Iran? Is Iran Next? - http://www.ifameric us_ints/iran. html
Israel-Palestine and the 2008 US Election - http://www.ifameric us_ints/2008. html

A Synopsis of the Israel/Palestine Conflict - http://www.ifameric history/
The Origin of the Palestine-Israel Conflict - http://www.ifameric history/origin. html
Maps of Israel and Palestine - http://www.ifameric history/maps. html#settlements Historic Palestine UN Partition of Palestine 1948 Israel, West Bank, and Gaza Strip Refugees and Depopulated Villages 1967 and Occupation Annexation of JerusalemIsraeli Settlements on Palestinian Land
Refugees and Ethnic Cleansing - http://www.ifameric history/refugees .html
A Jewish State - http://www.ifameric history/jewish_ state.html
The History of Israel’s Sacred Terrorism Terrorism in Israel and Palestine - http://www.ifameric history/terroris m.html
The Prevalence of Torture - http://www.ifameric history/prevtort ure.html
Religion in the Holy Land - The conflict in the Middle East is not a religious conflict - http://www.ifameric history/religion .html

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