Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Senator Kennedy has collpsed at Inaugural Luncheon

Kennedy Has Collapsed 2:55 p.m. Senator Edward M. Kennedy collapsed during the inaugural luncheon.
President Obama began his speech by noting by talking about “Teddy,” noting it was a joyous yet somber moment. “My prayers are with him and his family and Vicki,” referring to Mrs. Kennedy. Senator Kennedy, 76, underwent surgery for a brain tumor on June 2.
Our colleague David M. Herszenhorn reports:
Senator Edward M. Kennedy suffered convulsions at the Inaugural Luncheon and was taken from Statuary Hall in a wheel chair that had been lowered to a reclining position.
There was no immediate word on his condition but President Obama, getting up to speak, seemed slightly shaken.
“Right now part of me is with him,” he said of Mr. Kennedy. “It’s a joyous time but it’s also a sobering time” he added, “our prayers are with him and his family.”
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