Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Obama reaches out to Muslim world on TV

Fantastic! President Obama is reaching out to the Muslim world, something no other president has been able to do. I'm really happy that the US will no longer be 'dictating' what the middle east should do. The US has no clue what it must be like for the people of the middle eastern countries.

WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama gave his first formal television interview as president to an Arabic cable TV network, saying that when it comes to Middle East matters "all too often the United States starts by dictating."

Obama taped the interview with the Dubai-based Al-Arabiya network Monday as his envoy to the Middle East, former Sen. George J. Mitchell, set out for an eight-day trip to the region and elsewhere. The interview complemented the new administration's first efforts to reach out to Arab leaders in the region, who have been wary at best of U.S. efforts to broker peace between Israel and the Palestinians.

Noting that he has lived in Muslim countries and has Muslim family members, Obama said: "My job to the Muslim world is to communicate that the Americans are not your enemy."

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