Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Modern Day Request for “Common Sense”

Posted By UncaJoe Cook - Today being the 232nd anniversary of Thomas Paine’s inspirational pamphlet “Common Sense” I feel it’s time this philosophy be applied to the current world with equal fervor and commitment as the original document. I make no claim to be ever considered the patriot that Thomas Paine was nor have the illusion of my simple request inspire the long lasting passion of Paine’s masterpiece. I am rather referring to the title only as it has come to be a intricate part of our everyday language.
The situation in Gaza
Common Sense needs applied here immediately if not sooner! This is such a one-sided conflict that even the axiom “everything’s fair in love and war” is literally overkill. Yes, Hamas needs to quit launching rockets (i.e. over-grown pop-bottle rockets) but keep in mind the Palestinians have fought Israeli tanks by throwing pebbles at them and now they have something that packs a little wallop. The death toll ratio remains extremely one-sided as does the MSM coverage of these events.
Common Sense thought for Gaza: STOP! Both of you before I send you to bed without any supper.
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I mean this seriously, the author of this post said exactly what I’ve been thinking but couldn’t put to words! Especially, when he said,

Common Sense thought for Gaza: STOP! Both of you before I send you to bed without any supper.

I've wanted to scream at Israel for the holocaust they are creating against the people of Palestine. The Israeli occupation of the Gaza Strip makes me want to scream at Israel, "sit down, shut up, and give me the goddamn gun or you're going into time out."

I mean it's like a bad reality show and Israel got it's panties in a bunch about some man drama they made up. This man drama is called propaganda by the rest of the world. Peace for those who dream it!

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