Thursday, January 22, 2009

Israel 'will be back in Gaza in one year'

An Israeli officer says Tel Aviv will return to Gaza once more within a year to stage more attacks against the blockaded strip.

"We will strike again, not tomorrow but in a year," said a lieutenant colonel who spoke under the pseudonym 'Amos', AFP reported.

Israeli forces "were very close to" the whereabouts of the Hamas leadership, he added in reference to the latest wave of Israeli operations in the strip, which began on December 27.

"Another two or three days, (it would have been) a different story. The suffocation effect would have been much more effective," continued the army reserve officer.

Israel ended its major operations in Gaza and announced a unilateral ceasefire after having killed 1,330 Palestinians and wounding 5,450 others. The majority of the victims were civilians.

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