Saturday, January 17, 2009

Dear Sir Obama - Presidential Advice

Jory John, program director at 826 Valencia, a nonprofit writing and tutoring center, asked students to draw a portrait of President-elect Barack Obama.

Michelle Benitez, Age 7
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Dear Sir Obama - Presidential Advice
Children write letters to President-elect Barack Obama, expressing their thoughts and hopes and even giving advice. These are real letters, from children who attend programs at the various 826 programs nationwide.

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Dear Sir Obama,

These are the first 10 things you should do as president:

1. Make everyone read books.
2. Don’t let teachers give kids hard homework.
3. Make a law where kids only get one page of homework per week.
4. Kids can go visit you whenever they want.
5. Make volunteer tutors get paid.
6. Let the tutors do all the thinking.
7. Make universities free.
8. Make students get extra credit for everything.
9. Give teachers raises.
10. If No. 4 is approved, let kids visit the Oval Office, but don’t make it boring.

— Mireya Perez, age 8, San Francisco

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