Thursday, January 8, 2009

Boycott Israel

Let 'em know how you feel about what they're doing. Just because our corrupt government funds them doesn't mean you have too.

People of good conscience have chosen to boycott israeli products and companies supporting the zionist entity. Their ethical purchasing decision however is frustrated by the lack of accurate information as to which companies to boycott.
We have carried out extensive research to identify the guilty companies. All our findings are provided here. Where ever possible, we have included full references for the source of our information so that you may independently verify its accuracy and understand exactly how each company is contributing its support to israel. We thank all those organizations who's research we have utilized.
Our research is on going and we encourage you to help us with it - If you have any information regarding guilty companies please e-mail us this information with source references. Thank you.
We suggest you start with the Boycott Israel Frequently Asked Questions page - it will clarify what the boycott is about.

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