Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Amnesty International: IDF use Palestinians as Human Shields

The reported split comes as the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, due to visit the region on Wednesday, pleaded with both sides in the conflict to agree to an immediate ceasefire to stop the bloodshed in Gaza. The death toll among Palestinians is said to have reached 920 - of whom approximately 370 are women and children - while the Israeli toll remains at 13.

Other UN officials, as well as human rights groups, are putting on pressure for an international war crimes investigation into Israel's "massive violations of human rights". They accuse Israel of "reckless and indiscriminate" shelling of residential areas, including the illegal use of phosphorus shells, as reported here yesterday.

They also charge Israel with attacking medical facilities and killing large numbers of Palestinian policemen who had no military role. And Amnesty International accuses the IDF of using Palestinian families as "human shields".

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