Sunday, December 7, 2008

Have you ever worked for Wal-Mart?

By William Landers -

“When you have your evaluation each year, you get a very small raise. Then they cut your hours back so that you don’t make anymore take home than you did before."-M.L. in Illinois

An employee of Wal-Mart, M.L. in Illinois is the author of one of the many stories featured on “Wal-Mart Employees Speak Out.” The eye-opening account details a typical experience working for a company that constantly cuts corners with its employees and makes life harder for them.

Because M.L. and thousands of others are speaking out, we are able to expose the poor working conditions at Wal-Mart and ramp up the pressure on the company to change its ways - one way or another.

Last year the Walton family earned more than $30 billion last year… because the average Walmart employee only earned $19,200. WalMart saves money by paying its workers low wages so the Walton family can live better.

Are you a current or former Wal-Mart employee? If so, even if you don’t want to reveal your name or tell a story, we’d like to know so we can learn from you.

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