Saturday, December 6, 2008

CODEPINK: Is Obama forgetting something?

Barack Obama was elected in large part because of his promise to end the Iraq War and we want to hold him to that pledge. You can send Obama and his transition team a letter asking him to sit down with leaders of the peace and anti-war movement to talk about bringing home our troops. Read CODEPINK's “Let’s Talk” invitation to the President-elect below, add in your own words, sign your name and zip code, and send your letter. Your letter will be automatically sent to Obama via the website through a few clicks on our website--now there's action magic! Let’s model how we arrive at peace
by starting here at home and using our words, not weapons.

Dear President-Elect Obama,

Two years ago, the peace movement celebrated an election that changed the balance of power in the Congress and the Senate. We in the anti-war community fully expected that the new Democratically-controlled Congress would move swiftly to end the war in Iraq, but we were sadly disappointed. Today we are at a similar junction, and hope not to suffer a similar setback. You were elected in large part because of your promise to end the Iraq War and we want to hold you to that pledge. This letter is an invitation to you to sit down with leaders of the peace and anti-war communities to talk about bringing home our troops. Let's talk!

We'd like to bring together leaders from a broad spectrum of groups—among them Win Without War, ANSWER, Fellowship of Reconciliation, Tikkun, CODEPINK Women for Peace, WAND, and United for Peace & Justice—for an open dialogue with you about the future of our country and its role in the world. We have been watching with some trepidation as you assemble the members of your foreign policy team, many of whom were enablers if not architects of the invasion of Iraq. We hope that in this process you will take the time to listen to peace activists who have been working daily to end the occupation of Iraq and to prevent future wars.

It is amazing that the United States will soon have a President who has the breadth of lived experience and knowledge that you do—from the streets of Jakarta to the villages of Kenya to the projects of Chicago and the halls of America's elite institutions. It would be truly amazing if you would bring your wisdom and depth of knowledge onto the world stage as an agent for peace.

Please click on the link below to send your letter to Barack Obama

CODEPINK: Women For Peace

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