Sunday, December 28, 2008

Brasscheck TV: Israel savages Gaza

We have yet another "Israel under allies" president headed to the White House - and the Israeli war party knows it.

Thus their recent savage and very public bombardment of civilians in Gaza by the Israeli military.

Recall the Israeli war machine would be out of money in three months without constant US subsidy.

What will President Obama do about this latest display of savagery by the Israeli war party?

Let's see...

He picked Hilary Clinton as his Secretary of State...

and Rahm Emanuel, dual US-Israeli citizen and son of an Israeli terrorist, as his chief of staff...

It doesn't look good. I'm afraid we're going to find out that selling "hope" is not unlike selling "soap," the only difference being people who sell soap actually deliver something.

The only unequivocal promise I heard Obama make during the campaign was to support Israel and my guess is that's the only one he's going to keep up.

America needs to wake up.


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