Friday, November 21, 2008

Say No to Robert Gates for Defense Secretary

According to the pundits, President-elect Obama is seriously considering keeping Robert Gates as Defense Secretary.

Secretary Gates advocates an open-ended engagement in Iraq, contrary to Obama's plan to bring our troops home in 16 months. Secretary Gates also advocates a new generation of nuclear weapons, even though Congress has repeatedly cut funds for these programs.

Please join me in urging President-elect Obama to appoint a Defense Secretary who supports his agenda for change.

Bob Fertik

The Obama transition team is thinking of letting Bush's Defense Secretary keep his job. Click here to tell them that you oppose this plan.

Dear Activist,

What will change really look like?

We'll know when we see those faces around the table at that first cabinet meeting.

I'm sure you've heard the rumor mills churning: There are exciting names being floated alongside some downright disturbing rumors. Bush's Defense Secretary Robert Gates, an Iraq war loyalist and a hawk on nuclear weapons, is being talked about as a possible Obama Defense Secretary. In the last two weeks, this rumor has morphed from a trial balloon to something more likely.

The peace movement helped elect Obama president, and we need your help now to see this chance for change through. Tell Obama's transition team that it's too risky to put Obama's Iraq withdrawal plan in Gates's hands by clicking here.

During the campaign, Obama drove home that this era's signature test of foreign policy judgment was whether or not you supported the invasion of Iraq. Gates failed that test. Gates has also been vocally opposed to Obama's withdrawal plan. It takes a vivid imagination to picture Gates implementing and successfully defending a timeline for troop withdrawal.

I'm also very concerned about Gates' positions on arms control – especially nuclear weapons. At a time when people like Henry Kissinger and George Shultz are calling for steps towards a nuclear weapons free world, Gates has been calling for a new generation of nuclear weapons.

We can be sure the Obama team is under pressure to dial back plans to withdraw from Iraq. That is why your voice, right now, is so important. The best time for you and I to impact the appointments process is now, not after the President-elect makes his nominations public, so please send the Obama team your message right now.

I am truly hopeful about the potential for change that a new president embodies. And at Peace Action West we will do our part to make sure the momentum for a better, wiser and more just foreign policy keeps going. So I'm asking you to join us in celebrating the country's current sprit of hope through continuing to speak out for change. Please send a message today to the President-elect's transition team, and remind them that voters want fresh leadership at the Pentagon here.

Thank you,