Friday, November 14, 2008

How Obama Can Save the Middle Class on Meet the Bloggers

SEIU's Anna Burger on the importance of the Employee Free Choice Act.
Fortune 500 CEOs make an average of $6,153 an hour, while the majority of workers in our country earn an hourly federal minimum wage of only $6.55. Fortunately, this ridiculous gap can be closed with Barack Obama as President and Democratic majorities in both the House and Senate, and it all starts with the The Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA). EFCA tops the progressive agenda for unions because it could effectively restore the middle class in our country, and yet this vital piece of legislation still faces challenges from anti-union businesses like Wal-Mart.
Today on Meet the Bloggers, join Anna Burger, secretary-treasurer of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and chair of the international labor federation Change to Win, as we discuss EFCA's passage during Obama's first 100 Days. Burger will talk with show host Cenk Uygur and blogger Todd Beeton (MyDD) about how EFCA can revitalize our nation's middle class. Also on the show will be Satyam Khanna (Think Progress) to talk about Lieberman Must Go.

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