Thursday, October 23, 2008

Vote Yes on 2: Decriminalize Marijuana in Massachusetts!!!

Recently, the campaign to pass a marijuana decriminalization initiative in Massachusetts began airing two new TV ads.

In the ads, retired police officers urge voters to pass the initiative next month.

In one ad, Sergeant Howard Donahue, a 33-year veteran of the Boston Police Department, says, “Take it from a cop who walked the beat. Please vote yes on Question 2.”

Lt. Tom Nolan

This is the first in a series of ads released across the commonwealth, featuring law enforcement officials arguing for the passage of Question 2. This ad features Lt. Tom Nolan, a 27-year veteran of the Boston Police Department. Lt. Nolan describes the impact of the permanent criminal records residents are saddled with for minor marijuana possession offenses, and concludes: "I entered law enforcement to catch bad guys, not to deny someone an education for life just because they made a mistake."

Sgt. Howard Donahue

A 33-year veteran of the Boston Police Department, Sgt. Howard Donahue is also an outspoken supporter of Question 2. As he notes in this ad airing across Massachusetts, he does not support the legalization of marijuana, but that is not what Question 2 proposes. Question 2 is a simple, commonsense reform that will allow police officers to focus on serious, violent crime and free up law enforcement resources.

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