Thursday, October 9, 2008

Question 2: Massachusetts Marijuana Ballot Question

"By ending the creation of permanent criminal records for
minor marijuana offenders, dealing with juvenile marijuana use in a
stricter yet more responsible way, and saving taxpayers an estimated
$30 million a year, Question 2 will work for Massachusetts.

30 million dollars a year savings for taxpayers!!!

"According to Harvard economist Dr. Jeffrey Miron, Question 2 (decriminalization of small amounts of marjuana) will
save taxpayers almost $30 million a year in arrest, booking, and basic
court costs alone.
And this doesn't include any additional court costs,
probation costs, or loss of taxable earnings due to a person's
inability to work or to go to school after the loss of a driver's

Question 2 will keep these funds where they belong -
in community coffers, where they're needed for local programs and to
fight violent, serious crimes. Additionally, all fines generated will
stay in the community where the offense occurred.

Question 2 is a good, modest public policy proposal
that will conserve taxpayer resources and remove these outrageous,
unfair lifelong penalties."

Tom Kiley is a former first assistant attorney general and a practicing attorney for 38 years.

Please vote YES on Question 2!!! Read Tom Kiley's entire op-ed piece by clicking here,
"Op-ed: A Responsible Change to an Unfair Law"

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