Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Obstructionist Gang of 21

Here's the political game conservatives in Congress have been playing all year: Block legislation, then paint Democrats as "do-nothing".Our latest report on the block-and-blame game in the 110th Congress identifies 21 senators who voted to filibuster on each of 12 key votes on bills that passed the House and which had significant popular support.

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The Gang of 21
These senators were present for all 12 key votes in this report, and voted to filibuster (against cloture) each time.

Bond, Christopher S., Missouri
Bunning, Jim, Kentucky
Burr, Richard, North Carolina
Chambliss, Saxby, Georgia
Cochran, Thad, Mississippi
Cornyn, John, Texas
Craig, Larry E., Idaho
DeMint, James W., South Carolina
Dole, Elizabeth, North Carolina
Domenici, Pete V., New Mexico
Ensign, John, Nevada
Enzi, Michael B., Wyoming
Gregg, Judd, New Hampshire
Inhofe, James M., Oklahoma
Isakson, Johnny, Georgia
Kyl, Jon, Arizona
Martinez, Mel, Florida
McConnell, Mitch, Kentucky
Murkowski, Lisa, Alaska
Shelby, Richard C., Alabama
Vitter, David, Louisiana

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