Thursday, October 23, 2008

Not in Iraq. Not in Afghanistan.


The goal of Peace Action's 'No Soldier Left Behind' campaign is simple.  To tell the incoming administration that there is still a groundswell of support to end the occupation of Iraq and bring our troops home.
So far, almost 1,000 signatures have been collected.  Between now and the Inauguration, Peace Action will gather another 2,000 with your help.
The Iraq occupation is all but eliminated from the Presidential debate. It's the economy that's in the headlines now.  The economic crisis has us all worried and cost of the occupation has made it worse.  It's easy to imagine the next administration ignoring this connection to put the issue of Iraq on the back burner for political gain.
The emerging consensus may be more frightening.  Both candidates have advocated moving the quagmire from Iraq to Afghanistan.  That means sending the troops there instead of bringing them home.
Will you help Peace Action make it clear to the next administration we want our troops home, not shuttled off to another quagmire?
We're working to undo over a year of political messaging, refuting the Bush spin:  that the surge has worked, Afghanistan is the 'good war', and the 'war on terror' must be fought militarily.  The truth is: the surge is unsustainable; there is no good war; and, real security from terrorism requires international cooperation and diplomacy.
There is no military solution in Iraq or Afghanistan - or anywhere.  You cannot bomb for peace.  If we don't take action TODAY - before the next President is elected - two years from now, we'll be talking about billions of dollars and hundreds of lives lost in Afghanistan.
The truth is we can stop this now - but only with your help.

'No Soldier Left Behind'
sends a clear message to the next administration; nothing short of bringing our troops home will do.  There are solutions to the security problems in Iraq and Afghanistan that do not directly involve the U.S. military.  The next President will have the power to implement those solutions or continue Bush's march deeper into a global war. 
Please support 'No Soldier Left Behind'.  We have real problems in our own country that spending billions of tax dollars in Iraq and Afghanistan won't fix.


Kevin M. Martin
Executive Director
Peace Action

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