Thursday, October 9, 2008

Make sure this One Question is in the last debate!!!

On October 15, John McCain and Barack Obama will meet in their third and final debate. Moderated by Bob Schieffer, this debate will focus on domestic issues, and the current economic crisis will likely dominate. It's critical that the candidates address a key factor in the economic crisis, and that's the out of control military spending of the last eight years. That's why Peace Action West is focusing all of our efforts on one key question about peace:

"The Iraq and Afghanistan wars, at a cost of $5,000 per second, fuel our growing debt and feed the economic crisis. Even subtracting war funding, Pentagon spending is breaking records. Will rebuilding the economy require a tough look at military spending? What would you change?"

The outsized military budget means that critical investments in health care, education and other domestic priorities have been shelved. Meanwhile we are borrowing money from foreign companies to pay for these wars, and future generations will inherit that debt. We can't afford to continue compromising our economic security to support unchecked military spending. Bob Schieffer needs to hear from us today, loud, strong, and many. Please complete the information by clicking this link and then spread the word. Thank you.
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