Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Reject Baldwin's VIEW of Parental Alienation


Last year, ABC's  The View stooped to a real low - inviting Alec Baldwin on during sweeps week to make excuses for his abusive phone call to his daughter Ireland.  Now, they're about to do it again.  On Wednesday September 24, The View will invite Alec Baldwin back onto The View to promote his book and the junk science abuse excuse of Parental Alienation.

Parental Alienation is used as a legal strategy to get abusers off the hook, by urging the court to ignore allegations of abuse and instead believe that the parent making the allegations is being vindictive. 

(read more about parental alienation here )

Women - the main audience of The View - deserve better than this.  Every day, in family courts all across this country, protective mothers are losing custody to abusers and pedophiles based on the bogus theory of Parental Alienation.

ACT NOW!  Tell Bill Geddie, the Executive Producer of The View to practice responsible journalism by having experts on the show who can challenge Mr. Baldwin's dangerous propoganda and provide information that will help keep women and children safe. 

Please sign the petition by clicking the link below...

Stop Family Violence

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