Friday, September 26, 2008

Rate Tonight's Debate



Measure the Media: Sign Up to Rate the Debates!

Last week, Institute for America's Future supporters sent almost ten thousand letters to the presidential debate moderators pressing them to deliver The Debate We Need. We urged them to move America beyond the gossip and the gotcha politics, to refocus the debate on the issues that matter most to most Americans.

Tonight's moderator – Jim Lehrer – responding to the tidal wave of communications on this front from us and allies across the nation, promised no "gotcha" moments. [1]

Now, our allies at Free Press have launched a new online tool -- Rate the Debates! -- to judge whether he, and his fellow debate moderators, hold true to that promise and deliver debates worthy of our great nation.

However tonight unfolds, you can help get the media back on track by using this tool to instantly rate how well the media moderates and reports on the debates.

Sign Up Now to Rate the Debates as They Happen!

Your ratings will be immediately reported back to members of the press as soon as the debates are finished -- allowing you to weigh in before the spin cycle gets out of control.

Will the media cover the issues that are most important to you? Will they focus on trivial issues? Will they ask tough questions? Will they help return focus to real issues like the economy, over campaign gossip and candidate gaffes?

Now more than ever, we need the media to be the watchdogs of our democracy. The few journalists selected to participate -- and the media narrative that follows -- will play a defining role in determining our next president.

Please sign up to rate the debates as they happen, and join us as we hold our media -- and through them, our leaders -- accountable.

Thank you,

Ian Mishalove, Director Online Communications
Institute for America's Future

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