Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Know Your Stuff, Obama Supporters

ShadowSD has written up an excellent guide to all the reasons to support Barack Obama over John McCain. It's comprehensive, well-structured and well-linked (and quite long). Recommended reading for everyone, whether you are already a supporter, or just curious as to what makes people support Obama.
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During the primary, McCain ditched every difference he had w/Bush to get nominated
McCain went from voting with Bush for 90% of the last 8 years to 100% this year
Many of McCain’s top campaign staff ran Bush’s campaign; his ‘town halls’ staged like Bush's
The last time the GOP tried to package someone as a reformer during an election, it was Bush
McCain never split w/Bush on Rumsfeld/Cheney, he said he would have hired them himself
Obama bucked his party during the primary, opposing health care mandates, addressing the future Social Security solvency crisis, and advocating teacher merit pay
Obama is endorsed by a long list of high profile conservatives and elected Republicans
Not one high profile progressive or Democrat endorses McCain (CT Dems booted JL in 06)
Obama bucked many of his own big donors during the primary to support the writers strike
Obama worked across the aisle in the Senate with Republicans like Dick Lugar and Tom Coburn
Obama pushed through strict ethics reforms against the will of many in both parties
Obama has the strongest reform record of any candidate in modern history
Obama pushed through the strongest ethics reform in his state for decades, The Gift Ban Act
Obama pushed through the strongest ethics reform at the federal level in decades, The Lobbying and Ethics Reform Act, co-sponsoring and authoring numerous other reform bills
McCain's single ethics reform accomplishment in 25 years is the McCain-Feingold bill
McCain says he has never requested an earmark, but he asked for and received a $10 million earmark in 2006 and a $14.3 million earmark in 2003
Obama pushed through a bipartisan bill making every earmark public knowledge
Obama will cut taxes for 95% of Americans; his middle class tax cut is 3 - 8 times bigger than McCain’s according to the non-partisan Tax Policy Center
Obama’s budget adds up better than "we’ve seen in a Presidential candidate in a very long time"; his plan will leave 1.2 trillion dollars less debt than McCain’s (non-partisan TPC)
McCain had to check with his staff when asked how many houses he owns and what kind of car he drives; he spends $250,000 a year on house servants alone
US Troops overseas donated 6x more to Obama; our troops prefer his Iraq plan by 30 pts
Obama always urged focus on Al Qaeda in Afg/Pak while McCain/Bush focused on Iraq/Iran
Obama correctly predicted that invading Iraq would increase terrorism; Obama, alone among all candidates in urging focus on Pakistan last year, was vindicated by the recent turmoil there
Non-partisan Disabled Veterans of America scorecard: McCain 20%, Obama 80%
The Obama Presidential campaign is the first in living memory where average Americans own the biggest share: more than 50% of donations to Obama have been $25 or less, 80% have been $100 or less, and 93% have been $200 or less
"You would have to go back a century and a half to name an incoming president with so few debts to repay"
Obama and the DNC accept no federal lobbyist or PAC donations; McCain and the RNC do
McCain has 133 lobbyists working for his campaign; his top staff is mostly DC lobbyists
McCain got 10x more Top CEO donations than Obama in return for corporate tax breaks
McCain's flip in favor of drilling was rewarded immediately with big donations from oil execs
Obama has served 12 yrs at the federal and state level (4 yrs US Sen + 8 yrs IL Sen)
Obama co-sponsored 15 bills that became federal law and co-sponsored 570 bills
Obama sponsored 823 bills and cast over 4000 votes in the IL Senate
Obama would be the first President with 10+ yrs experience as a Constitutional Law Professor
Obama spent 3 years as the executive in charge of a budget that went from $70K to $400K while serving as a local community organizer in Chicago
Obama had 80 editors under him as President of the Harvard Law Review
Obama's runs a campaign with over 2000 employees, more than the White House staff
Obama got an International Relations specialty in college, later served 4 yrs on Sen Foreign Rel
Obama's combined time either in public service, studying foreign policy, or directly pertaining to Constitutional Law adds up to twenty-five years, as long as McCain has been in office
Obama’s record of experience is more diverse and in touch with America than McCain’s, as Obama understands how things work at the local, state, and federal level; McCain has zero local or state experience, with all his experience in office taking place in Washington DC

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