Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Watch new video on the human cost of marijuana prohibition


If you only watch one video from the Marijuana Policy Project in your lifetime, let it be this one.

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This new documentary from MPP is about the human costs of that war, told by those who have been caught in the crossfire: people like Bernie Ellis, who is fighting to keep the farm he has loved for 40 years after giving medical marijuana to terminal cancer patients ... people like the Naulls family, whose children and property were seized by law enforcement officers even though, as medical marijuana dispensary operators, they had broken no state laws ... and people like Marisa Garcia, who lost her student financial aid because of an arrest for a minor marijuana violation.

And then there are those like Jonathan Magbie, a quadriplegic who died in jail as a result of inadequate medical care after being convicted of possessing a small amount of marijuana, who will never be able to tell their stories.

Every week, we at the Marijuana Policy Project confront extreme government abuses like these, as the war on marijuana users rages on, with the government arresting law-abiding citizens, seizing their property, locking them up for decades, and even killing them.

With the help of our 25,000 dues-paying members, MPP is working to end the persecution and destruction of people just like you. You can help us bring sense to our nation's marijuana policies by making a financial contribution to our work.

Your help is desperately needed. In the time it takes you to watch this video, 28 more Americans will be arrested for marijuana.

We can end our government's cruel war on its own citizens — but we must stand and fight.

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Rob Kampia
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Marijuana Policy Project
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