Monday, March 3, 2008

Action Alert: Mental Health Parity Bill

Send an email to your representative to urge passage of HR1424.

End Discrimination Against People Suffering From Mental Illness

Mental illness affects millions of Americans and their families. Yet, many health insurers won't cover the cost for treatment by capping what they will cover. This discrimination must end. One of my heroes, Senator Paul Wellstone, championed legislation to bring this discrimination to an end, but Congress has still not acted.

On March 5, the House of Representatives will finally vote on crucial legislation called The Paul Wellstone Mental Health Parity Bill (HR 1424). This legislation will compel insurance companies to treat mental illness the same as physical illness, given the overwhelming scientific evidence that mental illness is a disease every bit as real and serious as physical illness.

Join me and e-mail your representative and urge them to join Senator Wellstone and commit to making mental health parity affordable and end discrimination in mental health care.

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