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3.22 River to River: Join Hands for Peace


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On the fifth anniversary of the War on Iraq:
River to River
Join Hands for Peace

Saturday, March 22

Noon - Hands Across 14th St.
1:00 - March from both ends of the line to converge near Union Square
2:00 - Commemoration: Tolling of the Bells, 5 Minutes of Silence, Taps

5 years of war! On this sober anniversary, we will join hands to symbolize our unity in the call for peace and for funding our communities, not war!  Join us to form a human chain on 14th St. from Ave. A to 11th Ave. in Manhattan, on Saturday, March 22.  Bring your friends, your banners, your signs.  We will stand, hands joined, from noon to 1:00.  Then both ends of the line (at 11th Ave and Ave A) will march in towards Union Square with each block filling in as the march goes by. 

We will converge near Union Square around 2:00 for a somber commemoration of the casualties of this immoral war.  Bring photographs and flowers.  Later this week, there will be photographs that you can download from our website: US service people, Iraqis, wounded vets, victims of Katrina, etc.  The bells will toll, we will stand for 5 minutes in silence and then Taps will be played.
We will mourn and then leave with a stronger commitment after 5 YEARS OF WAR to organize an even larger, stronger movement to BRING ALL THE TROOPS HOME NOW! We ask that your first act in the sixth year of war will be to give that photograph to someone on the street or the subway on the your way home.  In this way, you can help spread the message of peace, encouraging more and more people to take a stand to end this war!
In the next few days, there will be a map on the website with meet-up locations for organizations and constituencies.  Individuals can take any subway to 14th St. and will directed from there.  
However, in order that we can have an effective, organized action on March 22, where everyone attending knows where to be and how it will work, we need your help!  We need lots of volunteers both before and on March 22.  So today, please sign up to help out and then call up 3 of your friends and ask them to sign up too! www.unitedforpeace.org/nycvolunteer

Download fliers to hand out in your neighborhood or at busy subways or shopping districts.
There are also several other important activities that are happening to mark the fifth anniversary.  It will be a powerful week.  It is not often that we ask you to do so much: to organize a house party for Winter Soldier, to go to Washington DC on Wed. March 19 to participate in non-violent civil disobedience, to organize or attend a local vigil on March 19 if you cannot go to DC, and to participate in River to River on Sat. March 22.  This is a lot.  But think of what is at stake.  Think of the unimaginable suffering of the Iraqis, of the soldiers, of the families of service people who have died.  Each of the events that are being planned serves a different purpose and will merge to make a powerful statement. We will hear the voices of veterans, of people taking a moral stand and risking arrest, of local organizers bringing out people who may not previously have taken a stand, and finally of many New Yorkers, standing together hands joined in a city-wide action. Together we will say loud and clear:  5 YEARS TOO MANY!  THIS WAR MUST END!
Please join us to make it all happen!
Leslie Kielson

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