Sunday, February 24, 2008

It's the media, stupid!

The vast corruption of our media system is an issue of profound importance-- an issue as important as, and fundamentally related to, the corruption of our voting system. So what really matters isn't whether John McCain was schtupping Vicki Iseman. It's that Ms. Iseman was but one of many pricey lobbyists who have helped McCain schtup all the rest o

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Here is a bouquet of items on Bomb-Bomb McCain, who's long been whoring
for the worst players in the corporate media--especially Sinclair Broadcasting,
which, back in 2004, stood out for the brazenness of its pro-Bush agenda. It was
Sinclair that first screened Stolen Honor, the anti-Kerry propaganda hit piece that was financed and assembled by the Bush machine. (So much for Bomb-Bomb's solidarity with a fellow vet.)

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