Tuesday, January 22, 2008

ACLU: FISA Flood: Tell Senator Reid to uphold the Constitution

Please sign this petition to protect our right to privacy...

Dear Friend,

As the Bush administration continues to amend the Foreign Intelligence Security Act, Americans are losing their right to privacy. This week, Senator Majority Leader Harry Reid has an opportunity to lead Congress in upholding the Constitution by rejecting Bush's demand for telecom immunity and individual warrants for Americans. Our privacy and freedom is at stake. Act now with the ACLU to protect our right to privacy and uphold the Constitution.

Don Hazen
Don Hazen
Executive Editor, AlterNet.org

Sign the ACLU's petition to Senator Reid by filling in your information on the right. Our petition reads:

After engaging in an illegal, secret surveillance program, President Bush is in no position to make demands of anyone. Americans expect you to stand up for the Constitution and the rule of law. That means:

1. Rejecting telecom immunity: President Bush is demanding immunity for companies that broke the law when they handed over phone data and emails to the NSA without a warrant. He wants Congress to bury the truth by stopping lawsuits against the phone companies. When the phone companies are off the hook, Bush is off the hook, and there would be no incentive for companies to follow the law in the future.

2. Individual warrants for Americans: Surveillance tactics that allow the government to gather huge amounts of phone and email data on Americans without a warrant are unconstitutional and violate our American principles.

Americans expect you, the most powerful member of the Senate, to lead on this issue, not cave in to President Bush and his allies in Congress. Please don’t let us down.

Tell Senator Reid to uphold the Constitution


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