Saturday, May 17, 2008

What's yours is ours

 Your government at work...

How the Golden State stays golden

I spent nearly ten years in California and it's a good thing it's such a rich place because it has a culture of political corruption and thievery that is second to none.
This is just one of the innumerable scams California runs on its people.
California also began and mastered the art of building new prisons and slashing the education budget, reducing one of the world's finest public education systems to near Third World status in a matter of a decade.
What else would you expect from thestate that gave us Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon?
The state also manages to find an endless stream of tools like the one profiled in this video to cluelessly keep these scams going.
In fairness to the Golden State, California is not the only one playing this game. The State of Delaware's #3 biggest sources of revenue is "lost" property.

What's yours is ours

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