Friday, March 14, 2008

Prevent an Attack on Iran

Prevent an Attack on Iran; Support S. 759 / H.R. 3119

Admiral William Fallon was, until Tuesday, the commander of U.S. Central Command. Last week, an article in Esquire called him the Bush administration's primary obstacle to an attack on Iran and advocate of serious diplomacy. Now, this military voice of reason on Iran has resigned, under pressure from the White House.

There is new momentum behind legislation introduced by Senator James Webb and Rep. Mark Udall that would prevent the President from attacking Iran without Congressional authorization. Senator Hillary Clinton, in a press release following Admiral Fallon's resignation, urged support for the bill. Just Foreign Policy met personally with Senator John Kerry during the Folly of Attacking Iran Tour, and he reaffirmed his active support.

Please use this tool to ask your Senators and Representative to step up in this dangerous moment and ensure that the President must go to Congress before he can send bombs hurtling over Iran.

Just Foreign Policy

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