Tuesday, March 18, 2008

AlterNet Guest Editorial: The Bravery of the Tibetan People

You can help show the Chinese government that the whole world is watching what happens in Tibet.
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From AlterNet Guest Editorial: The Bravery of the Tibetan People;
By Lhadon Tethong, Students for a Free Tibet.
My dear family and friends,
I'm not sure what to say to you right now.
Part of me wants to talk about the good side of all that is happening -- the bravery and the courage of the Tibetan people. How proud I feel when I hear their cries and see their strength and fierceness. How they continue to rise up across our beautiful land and how this new movement destroys China's lies and propaganda and gives birth to a new generation of freedom fighters.
But then the other part of me is full of dread and fear for what will happen now, for what is happening now. Will they smash the monasteries as they again see the monks in the lead? Will they destroy the Bharkor because it's again a lightning rod for protest? Will they move all the Tibetans out of Lhasa because they are in the way? Will they turn the countryside into killing fields because nobody will know what happens out there?
Here in Dharamsala we try to assure ourselves this won't happen. That the Chinese leadership won't dare do this now. But I don't trust them. I will never trust them. All my life I've heard the stories of what the Chinese government does to Tibetans who are too strong, too proud. They try to break their spirit and take away their dignity. In the darkness of the prisons and the jails they inflict such pain and suffering ... there is no way to comprehend it from this place.
China's deadline for protesters to "surrender" has now expired. But it was all a farce. Another carefully scripted ploy to make it look like Tibetans had their chance before the Chinese authorities were forced to take the most extreme measures.
Now all the foreigners are leaving. Soon, only the Tibetans will remain. And, once again, it will be our people -- defenseless and alone -- left at the mercy of one of the most deadly military forces on earth.
Please help us let them know that they are not alone. Help us show the Chinese government that the whole world is watching.
For freedom, justice and peace in Tibet,
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