Monday, February 4, 2008

Bush proposes first $3 trillion budget

The $3 trillion Bush's proposes spending in 2009 would be the first time that milestone has been reached. Bush also presided over the first budget to hit $2 trillion, in 2002. It took the government nearly 200 years to reach the first $1 trillion budget, which occurred in 1987 during the Reagan administration.

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Not only is this budget tailor-made to pay for his war...
"Our top priority is to defend our country," Bush said after meeting with his Cabinet Monday morning. "Our budget protects America, and it encourages economic growth. Congress needs to pass it."

Let's take a look at who's going to pay for this! The elderly, the poor, and the disabled...speaking on behalf of many poor, disabled people with which I include myself...we can't survive on the piddly amount we get from social security as it is. 'Medicaid, which would take a $17 billion hit.'!!!! That's insane!!!

On the losing side: Medicare, which would receive $178 billion less over the next five years than currently projected, and Medicaid, which would take a $17 billion hit. Most of the Medicare reductions would come from freezing reimbursements to doctors, hospitals and other providers. As a result, the program's growth rate would slow to 5% from 7.2%.

Domestic programs not related to protecting the country would grow by just 0.3% next year, then be frozen through 2013. The budget eliminates or severely reduces 151 programs deemed ineffective, saving $18.2 billion. Bush also threatens to veto spending bills that don't cut earmarks, or special-interest projects, by at least half.

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