Friday, February 22, 2008

Bush and Cheney Should Be Arrested: Vermont Rising Up

An email from Impeach Bush;

Impeachment call spreads to local and state legislatures
Vermont to vote on arresting Bush and Cheney

"Bush and Cheney: arrested for gross violations of international and U.S. law!" A new proposal in the township of Brattleboro, Vermont -- authorizing local law enforcement to arrest Bush and Cheney -- would make this headline a reality, should either of them step inside the town's jurisdiction. The Brattleboro proposal is to be voted on in the coming weeks at a town hall meeting. The proposal is up for discussion thanks to the hard work of community activists, who petitioned citywide to have the motion put to a vote. Fearful of the indictment, Bush and Cheney are mounting a counteroffensive. But in town after town in Vermont, the people have voted to support impeachment recognizing that Bush and Cheney have committed high crimes and misdemeanors.

The Brattleboro indictment of Bush and Cheney is reflective of the tide of opposition to the current administration. The people of this country are refusing to let Bush leave office without facing charges for his criminal deeds. Just yesterday, the New Hampshire State House held an impeachment hearing, which was flooded by activists and community members insisting that the state legislature take action. Hollywood actor Ed Asner wrote a letter for the hearing expressing his support for the resolution, which indicts Bush for "invading Iraq without just cause or provocation."

We are keeping the pressure on and "impeachment" has become a household word. We are mobilizing the impeachment movement for the anti-war actions on the 5th anniversary of the war. We are lobbying Congress. We are taking out impeachment advertisements. We are telling the courageous people of Brattleboro that they speak for millions more. We are telling the New Hampshire activists who filled the State House yesterday that people from the other 49 states stand with them.

We can seize upon this historic momentum only with your help. Please take a momentum to click on this link and make a donation for impeachment.

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